Giles Cleghorn - Integrated Ostepathic Studies - Course Directors


Do I need to do the courses in sequence?

The courses are all designed to stand-alone and there is no need to complete them sequentially.

Do I have to be a cranial osteopath already?

Prior experience with the involuntary or cranial mechanism is NOT essential, althought helpful, as some of the techniques are based on cranio-sacral approaches.

Further essential information & CPD

Courses accredit 16 or 24 hours of CPD.

Teaching is in English, although Giles is used to working with translators where appropriate.

Course participants must hold up-to-date insurance to cover their practical sessions with other students.

Important health issues and medical history must be declared before the course.

You must keep up with relevant practice legislation in your  own country. IOS does not certificate or give any qualifications. All courses are intended for continued professional development.

Contact details

Giles Cleghorn or Robert Dumbleton

The Chandos Clinic, 21 Chandos Rd

Redland, Bristol, BS6 6PG.
Telephone 0117 974 5084.

Course Summary


A Biodynamic Approach to the GI System
including the Immune-Digestion Connection, an opportunity to study with Dr Bill Foley DO MSc (USA)

This course will focus on wholeness as it pertains to the gastro-intestinal system and its relationship with the rest of human physiology... More>

The Pregnant Mother and New Born Child
The neonate and obstetric considerations

This course discusses unique role treatment can play in pregnancy, obstetrics and postpartum issues for the mother and baby... More>

The Growth & Development Of The Toddler
The preschooler

This course looks at the wonderful growth and development unique to the first four years of life... More>

The Treatment & Development Of School Age Children
The maturing child and the challenges of school and living with pathology

From 4 years to adolescence we undergo consolidation and maturation to prepare us for adult life. This period also presents the body with challenges and changes which treatment can help support... More>

Biomechanical Manoeuvres
Giles Cleghorn Method and Training - The CMT™ manipulation of the head and neck

This two day course offers a taster of the wide spectrum of biomechanical manipulations, as practiced by Giles Cleghorn... More>


Biomechanical Visceral Manoeuvres
For Internal medicine

The introductory courses outline the use of the principles of Giles’ manipulative manoeuvres applied to: The lungs and pleura... More>


Cranial Fundamentals One
The direct biomechanical approach

Fast, safe and effective methods of cranial work on the skull bones and upper neck to reduce skull biomechanical lesions... More>

Cranial Fundamentals Two
The direct biomechanical approach

Work with the brain, spinal cord and the fluids within the skull to promote health and reduce acquired lesion patterns... More>

Classical Osteopathy
The approach of John Martin Littlejohn

This course looks at the use of inhibition and stimulation on the systems of the body to produce greater health and vitality... More>