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Next Dates:

2016 tbc

Venue: UK

Requirements: Full professional indemnity insurance, note book, loose clothing.

Cost: 710 Euros



This intensive course reflects Giles Cleghorn's 30 years of experience using structural and cranial techniques, biodynamic techniques and balanced ligamentous tension, together with his academic qualification as a Master of Osteopathic Science (Paediatrics).

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Course Accommodation

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Contact details

Giles Cleghorn:

The Chandos Clinic,

21 Chandos Rd, Redland,

Bristol BS6 6PG, UK.

Telephone 0117 9745084.

The Pregnant Mother and New Born Child

The neonate and obstetric considerations

This course discusses the unique role treatment can play in pregnancy and postpartum issues, for the mother and baby.

Academic areas covered here, are connected to the neonatal period to nine months of age. You will build the skills needed for palpation of the pregnant uterus and the newborn.

l one covers:


  • The period of intrauterine life
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Growth and development of the new born baby to 9 months

Academics will cover:

  • The trimesters of gestation
  • Centile charts - use and interpretation
  • Primitive reflexes both normal and neuropathological presentations
  • Orthopaedics of early life
  • Growth and development in the early months

Osteopathic techniques presented for:

  • Turning breech babies in the uterus
  • The treatment of the mother for uterine growth restrictions, pubic symphysis pain, acid reflux and lower back pain in pregnancy
  • Help with disturbed infants as a result of difficult deliveries
  • Colic and sleep problems
  • Hip dysplasia and CDH - part 1
  • Infantile scoliosis
  • Correction of retained primitive reflexes

Each course is designed to stand alone and it is not necessary to attend the various levels sequentially.

Students with all levels of experience will benefit from this course