"This course offers key techniques in a clear and concise way that will take my work to another level. Thank you so much" Marie

Contact details

Giles Cleghorn:

The Chandos Clinic,

21 Chandos Rd, Redland,

Bristol BS6 6PG, UK.

Telephone 0117 9745084.



Previous students share some of their comments:

"Felt really comfortable course - great practicals, well supported/explained & extremely useful"

Barbara, November 2014

"Another excellent course Giles, I found it useful to revisit some of the techniques we'd done on Level 1 & 2"

Gill, November 2014

"You give me a lot of inspiration - thank you for that"

Christian, October 2014

"Really easy to follow and created a confident environment - thanks a lot"

Jenniffer October 2014

"Lovely presentation and speed"

Anne, October 2014

"Giles is an excellent ,clear teacher and has a great way of imparting his years of experience in a comprehensive way"

Natasha, June 2014

"I really love the way Giles teaches, which helps us look at a problem from a different angle"

Lisa, June 2013

"Thanks Giles, I will come and do levels 1 & 2 on the strength of Level 3"

Tom, June 2013

"Thank you for an excellent course - I really enjoyed the mix of approaches and balance of study and practical's"

Amy, March 2013

" Excellent delivery of information and endless patience. You have restored me to the cranial concept" Sue March 2013

" Well delivered and paced, thank you. You have taken away some of the mystery. I particularly like the linking of problems to potential solutions / approaches" Amanda, 2012

" I've really enjoyed the course. I've learned such a lot that will be so valuable in my practice. I thought the pacing has been really good. Just the right level of information and the right amount of practical work. I will definitely be attending the next level" Sophie 2012

"I am quite happy to have found a teacher that can create a safe space for me to learn in, so that I can actually improve my perception & skills instead of being intimidated. Thank you for creating the steps for me to climb the ladder" Lotte 2012

"I like the way you work in the energetic field, it is a very big inspiration for me and I think it is hard to find Osteopaths that work in that way.  I like the no threatening environment - you are allowed to make mistakes and ask questions" Didde 2012

"Great relaxing teaching style, A different way of Osteopathy than I have previously been taught" Martin 2012

"I learned many techniques that we can use directly in our clinics including what to tell our patients' parents. I learned a lot this weekend and I can use all the information right away in my clinic" Stein, 2011

"Great pace, good balance between theory and practicals, with great guidance through the practical sessions"   Jenny, Sept 2011

"My views are extended — I am looking forward to going back to work tomorrow with a larger tool bag. I was filled up with energy after this second course"
Line, 2011

''I liked the pace of the days, your calm delivery and attention to detail. Also the evident depth of your knowledge which you have share'' Sasch, Nov 2012

" It's been brilliant - I have really appreciated the clinical focus and the introduction to biodynamics" Mandy, 2011

"Great course, I enjoyed that you were teaching the whole of Osteopathy not just the techniques"
Linn, 2011

"Giles has a lovely manner and makes a point of not over complicating things.  During my training at undergraduate level we were inundated with facts and techniques, however Giles has managed to simplify these into a handful of exercises, based on his vast experience in the Paediatric, Osteopathic, Cranial and Biodynamic fields" Jessica, 2011

''Very usefull handouts- very good course'' Hilde Oct 2012

''The tempo was good, as you had time to listen and think - this also enabled me to adapt and change the handouts for future reference'' Benny Oct 2012

" Course content was well defined and clearly delivered with good ability to integrate discourse with relevance to subject matter and expand upon information as desired / required. A clear pace on practical's to achieve understanding" Carol 2012