Further essential information and CPD

Courses accredit 16 or 24 hours of CPD.

Teaching is in English, although Giles is used to working with translators where appropriate.

Course participants must hold up-to-date insurance to cover their practical sessions with other students.

Important health issues and medical history must be declared before the course.

You must keep up with relevant practice legislation in your own country. IOS does not certificate or give any qualifications. All courses are intended for continued professional development.

Contact details

Giles Cleghorn:

The Chandos Clinic,

21 Chandos Rd, Redland,

Bristol BS6 6PG, UK.

Telephone 0117 9745084.

email iostudies.students@gmail.com

Integrated Osteopathic Studies

Integrated Osteopathic Studies offers a series of courses for qualified osteopaths. The courses look at the various stages of life and development, from babyhood through childhood and into adult life including pregnancy.

Incorporated within the courses are topics such as sports injuries, chronic illness management, emotional problems, and common orthopaedic issues and many other relevant issues.

The teaching integrates all the main methods of approach in the fields of osteopathy including cranial-sacral work, biomechanical manipulation, classical osteopathic treatment, visceral manipulation, balanced ligamentous tension and A.T. Still's manipulative techniques.

All the courses have four components: self-development, practical clinical skills, further academic learning, business and practice management.

To contact us for further information and appointments please call 0117 974 5084 or email us.