Cervical Spine

Next Dates:

9th - 11th

October 2015






The course will be delivered in English

Requirements: Full professional indemnity insurance.

Cost:SEK 6500



This intensive course reflects Giles Cleghorn's 30 years of experience using structural and cranial techniques, biodynamic techniques and balanced ligamentous tension.

You may wish to visit www.chandosclinic.co.uk for further background information on Giles Cleghorn, MApp Sc (Ost Paed), DO, DSH.


Places are restricted to a maximum of 20 per course, in order to facilitate top quality practical sessions and teaching methods. Places will be allocated on a 'first come' basis. Full payment will be required one month before the course start date.

Contact details

Giles Cleghorn:

The Chandos Clinic,

21 Chandos Rd, Redland,

Bristol BS6 6PG, UK.

Telephone 0117 9745084.


Our local Sweden contact is Kikki Lundberg, Osteopath.

Kikki can be contacted on 07039 56577 or kikki@osteopatiumea.se


Bio Therapeutic Manipulation of the Cervical Spine

Giles Cleghorn Method and Training - The CMT™ manipulation of the head and neck

This three day course course is open to all body workers holding suitable insurance cover for manipulation.

Bio Therapeutic manipulation is a refined technique formulated by Giles Cleghorn for the whole body. The method differs from other manipulative approaches, as it is ultra specific to the tissue, can cross all tissue boundaries, is simple, direct and gentle, requiring no thrusts at all. The manipulation extends to all soft tissues and fluids of the body.

Academics will cover:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the blood vessels of the head and neck
  • The physiology of the cervical sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • The drainage of the head and neck through the lymphatic system
  • The cranial bone motion and the motion of the face

Applied Manipulative Medicine

Students will be helped in the thinking process of applying manipulation to physiological problems and how to apply them to clinical practice.


We will discuss the use of this Bio Therapeutic manipulative method in the treatment of road traffic whiplash, headache syndromes, sinusitis, ENT problems in all age groups, neuralgia of the head and face, joint misalignments and soft tissues diseases.

Practical sessions will have emphasis on clinical applications and include:

  • Introduction to the treatment of the skull bones - direct manipulative method
  • Introduction to treatment of the face and sinuses – direct manipulative method
  • Treatment of the TMJ
  • Treatment of the O/A junction
  • Treatment of the upper cervical spine
  • Treatment of the cervical ganglions
  • The upper thorax and cervical thoracic junction
  • Treatment of the lower cervical spine
  • The cervical dorsal junction
  • The first rib
  • The clavicular sternal junction

This course runs for 3 days, giving 24 hours of CPD.