Paediatric courses for graduate osteopaths

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Requirements: Full professional indemnity insurance, note book, loose clothing.




This intensive course reflects Giles Cleghorn's 30 years of experience using structural and cranial techniques, biodynamic techniques and balanced ligamentous tension.

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Giles Cleghorn or Robert Dumbleton

The Chandos Clinic,

21 Chandos Rd



BS6 6PG.

Telephone 0117 974 5084.

The Treatment & Development Of School Age Children

The maturing child and the challenges of school and living with pathology

From 3 years to adolescence we undergo consolidation and maturation to prepare us for adult life. This period also presents the body with challenges and changes which treatment can help support.

Level three covers:

  • The maturing child, challenges of school and living with pathology

  • Final phases of growth and development

  • Specialist osteopathic treatment of injuries, orthopaedics, cardiology & respiratory diseases

Academics will cover:

  • Growth and development through the school years

  • The development of artistic ability and its use as a clinical assessment tool

  • The cardiac and pulmonary systems and the practical help we can give in asthma and post-surgical care of congenital heart disease
  • In-depth look at the central nervous system, including cerebral palsy, epilepsy and genetic syndromes

  • Orthopaedics, CJRA, flat feet, growing pains & sporting injuries

  • Infectious diseases and their treatment, adolescent fatigue, ME and endocrine diseases

Osteopathic techniques presented for:

  • Asthma

  • Autistic spectrum syndrome

  • Treatment of the heart and support of congenital heart disease

  • Classical treatment of infectious disease

  • Treatment of the central nervous system lesions including cerebral palsy

  • Chronic juvenile arthritis

  • Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis

Each course is designed to stand alone and it is not necessary to attend the various levels sequentially.

Students with all levels of experience will benefit from this course.